Our baby has arrived…

by Lon on December 1, 2006



Stellar was born at six pounds and eight ounces to two incredibly ecstatic parents!

For those of you who are wondering, Stellar means that which pertains to the stars, or to be star-like.

When we say our daughter’s name it is loaded with significance. For us, Stellar means…

…the stars that shine in the expanse of the universe, declaring the beauty, wonder, and majesty of God (Psalm 19:1)

…the radiant lights that illuminate the skies even from a distance

…being completely human, with sunspots and solar flares

…the everlasting stars that humbly and faithfully shine even when no one is looking

…the timeless and brilliant arrangement of lights that navigate people home

…the light of God that punctures holes through the darkness of the night

Voxanna is a combination of words. Vox which means a voice or expression, and Anna which means a woman full of grace.

We are filled with so much love and hope for Stellar Voxanna. She is nothing short of a miraculous gift from God.

We thank every one of you for your love, encouragement, and prayers.

Here’s a short introduction video (only visible to friends and family now)



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